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Jane's Backyard Chickens: Birdwatching

Excellent Bird ID site

I have come across the coolest site for learning about birds. They have logged information on over 900 birds. One of the best parts of this site is their search engine for identifying birds.

It breaks it down into body shape, size and color. Then goes further to beak size and shape and region. My husband used it successfully to identify a bird he had been seeing while out on the river that I hadn't seen yet. They turned out to be Cedar Waxwings.

You can also go in and print your own custom field guides here.

How great is that for going in and printing a custom guide of your personal life list?

There is a free demo to try but once you subscribe (and it's very reasonable at $9.95, $14.95 and $24.95) you can download and print as many as you want.

Whatbird also has a forum where you can interact with other birders and an area where you can set up a free blog and a photo gallery.

Of course, I couldn't resist setting up yet another blog.

So, if you are a serious birder or just enjoy your backyard feeders check out this site.

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