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Jane's Backyard Chickens: Birdwatching

Feeding Hummingbirds

I have been very lucky with my seed feeders but have not had any interest in my hummingbird feeders even though I have seen them around.

I had the feeder hanging on the deck with no success so I moved it to the yard-still no success. I even saw a hummer sitting on the fence near the feeder and actually on the nail where it used to hang on the deck.

I was complaining to my friend Guy about this since they have so many hummingbirds where they are. He asked me what was in the feeder. Well, I had put the commercial stuff in there. He said that was my problem, they just don't like the vitamin taste. He suggested that if I put just a sugar and water mixture out they would like it much better.

Well, he was right. I had hummers in just few hours!

I have yet to get pics of my own hummers, these are from Guy's house.

One thing great about hummers is that they have no natural predators so they really have no fear of humans or cameras

Sugar is very important for a hummingbird's diet. It provides the quick fuel for flight that it needs during waking hours; it is not "junk food." Hummingbirds also eat insects and spiders to provide protein for their diet, since neither flowers or sugar-water mixtures will provide it.

To make the mixture use 4 parts water to 1 part sugar. Use tap water and regular table sugar. Do not turbinado sugar, brown sugar, or other forms. Use no artificial colors such as red dye they do NOT help attract hummingbirds. Never use honey or artificial sweeteners, for to do so may kill the birds.

There are tons of hummingbird feeders out there with the colors on them that attract the birds.

Good luck!

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