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Feather Lice

About a month ago I noticed that there were a few feathers missing from Loretta. I figured that someone was picking on her although they all seemed to be getting along really well.

One by one all the girls had a few feathers missing. After some internet research I found out that they had feather lice. I made a trip down to the local Cenex for some dusting powder. It is not only for lice but for mites as well so we will have our bases covered.

We cleaned out the hen house and dusted it before putting in new straw.

The girls are on their second dusting now and I think I will have to do a third. I catch them up, lay them on their backs on a towel and shake the powder on their bellies and from there I spread it under the feathers with special attention to the vent area. Be sure to wear gloves and a dust mask as you don't want to breath in this stuff.

I also added some of the dust to their favorite dust bathing area so they could dust themselves while bathing. That works really well. I'll be a lot happier when I see some new feather growth.

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