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Jane's Backyard Chickens: Chicken Health

How To Dust A Chicken

Or, how I dust a chicken anyway. There was one hen that needed a second dusting. I found her in the coop tonight when I went to collect eggs so I took my chance.

Now, I am doing at least two things wrong here. I should have had gloves on and I should have been wearing a dust mask.

This is scruffy,
I am placing her on her back on the grass. She is complaining a little but for the most part goes along with the plan. Mona is looking on to see what's going on.

It is important to get the dust under the feathers and on the skin.

I am also paying attention to her neck where there was a lot of feather loss.

I was very happy to see all of this new feather growth!

This is the dust that I got at the local feed store. It was $7.95.

Pretty easy really. It's nice to have two people as the chickens don't come over voluntarilly, you have to catch them up but all in all it is not a tramatic event for them.

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