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Jane's Backyard Chickens: The Chickens


She is a Barred Plymouth Rock hen. I got her from my friend Dorian.

She is the leader of the pack since I don't have any roosters. She lays a nice sized brown egg.

I swear she even crows like a rooster from time to time. She is always first at the treats, first to get out in the morning.

When new hens are added to the flock she fights for pecking order and so far has always won.

She has a lot of personality. If you walk outside she will be right behind you to see what you are going to be doing.

She is the queen of standing on the shovel if you are digging-that's the easy way to the worm!

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Thank you!!
OMgoodness. Our Plymouth has been trying to crow or something and I am in a complete state of denial about whether she is a he or a hen... I guess brown eggs will be the final proof, but it's too soon for that. I just needed some evidence (and hope) that we might really have a hen and not another rooster.

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